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John Bartlet

A Booke of Ayres


VII. All my wittes hath will inwrapped

          1   All my wittes hath will inwrapped,
               All my sence desire intrapped.
               Al my faith to fancy fixed,
               All my ioyes to loue amixed.
               All my loue I offer thee, 
               Once for all yet looke on mee.

          2   Let me see thy heauenly feature,
               Oh heauens what a heauenly Creature,
               All the powers of heauen preserue thee,
               Loue himselfe is sworne to serue thee,
               Princesse in a Goddes place,
               Blessed be that Angels face.

          3   Looke how loue thy seruant dyeth,
               Harke how hope for comfort crieth,
               Take some pitty on poore fancy,
               Let not fancie proue a franzie;
               Comfort this poore hart of mine,
               Loue and I and all are thine.



Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer