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John Bartlet

A Booke of Ayres


XX. The thrush did pipe ful cleare

         The thrush did pipe full cleare,
         And eke with very mery chere
      The Lenit lifted vppe her pleasant voice
      The Goldfinch chirpid and the Pie did chatter,
      The blckbird whistled and bedde mee reioyce
      The stockdoue mormerd with a solemne flat,
         The little daw ka ka ka ka he cride
         The hic-quaile he beside 
      Tickled his part, in a partie coloured coate
      The Iay did blow his how boy gallantly
      The wren did treble many a prety note
      The woodpecker did hammer melowdie.
         The kite tiw whiw full of 
         Cride soring, vp aloft 
      And downe againe returned presently
      To whom the heralde of Cornutoes all 
      Sung coockoo euer, whilst poor Margery 
      Cride who did ring nights larum bell, with all
      All did do well O might I heare them euer
      Of straines so sweet, sweet birdes depriue vs neuer.



Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer