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Thomas Campion

Thr first Booke of Ayres



1   The man of life vpright,
      Whose chearfull minde is free
From waight of impious deedes,
      and yoake of vanitee.

2   The man whose silent dayes,
      In harmelesse ioyes are spent
Whom hopes cannot delude,
      Nor sorrowes discontent.

3   That man needes neyther towres,
      Nor armour for defence:
Nor vaults his guilt to shrowd
      From thunders violence.

4   Hee onely can behold
      With vnaffrighted eyes
The horrors of the deepe,
      And terrors of the Skies.

5   Thus scorning all the cares,
      That fate or fortune brings:
His Booke the Heau'ns hee makes
      His wisedome heua'nly things.

6   Good thoughts his surest friends,
      His wealth a well-spent age,
The earth his sober Inne,
      And quiet pilgrimage.


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer