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Thomas Campion

The second Booke of Ayres



1   There is none, O none but you
      That from mee estrange your sight,
Whom mine eyes affect to view,
      Or chained eares heare with delight.

2   Other beauties others moue,
      In you I all graces finde :
Such is the effect of loue,
      To make them happy that are kinde.

3   Women in fraile beauty trust,
      Onely seeme you faire to mee,
Yet proue truely kinde and iust,
      For that may not dissembled be.

4   Sweet afford mee then your sight,
      That survaying all your lookes,
Endlesse volumes I may write,
      And fill the world with enuyed bookes.

5   Which when after ages view,
      All shall wonder, and despaire,
Woman to finde man so true,
      Or man a woman halfe so faire.


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer