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Thomas Campion

The second Booke of Ayres



1   So many loues haue I neglected,
    Whose good parts might moue mee;
That now I liue of all rejected,
    There is none will loue me.
Why is mayden heate so coy ?
    It freezeth when it burneth;
Looseth what it might inioy,
    And hauing lost it mourneth.

2   Should I then wooe that haue beene wooed,
    Seeking them that flye mee ?
When I my faith with teares haue vowed,
    And when all denye mee,
Who will pitty my disgrace,
    Which loue might haue preuented ?
There is no submission base
    Where error is repented.

3   O happy men whose hopes are licenc'd
    To discourse their passion :
While women are confin'd to silence,
    Loosing wisht occasion.
Yet our tongues then theirs, men say,
    Are apter to be mouing :
Women are more dumbe then they,
    But in their thoughts more mouing.

4   When I compare my former strangenesse
    With my present doting,
I pitty men that speake in plainenesse,
    Their true hearts deuoting,
While wee with repentance iest
    At their submissiue passion :
Maydes I see are neuer blest
    That strange be but for fashion.


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer