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Thomas Campion

The Fovrth Booke of Ayres


II. Respect my faith

     1   Respect my faith, regard my seruice past ;
     The hope you wing'd call home to you at last.
     Great prise it is that I in you shall gaine :
     So great for you hath been my losse & paine.
              My wits I spent and time for you alone;
              Obseruing you and loosing all for one.

     2   Some rais'd to rich estates in this time are,
     That held their hopes to mine inferiour farre ;
     Such scoffing mee, or pittying me, say thus,
     Had hee not lou'd he might haue liu'd like vs.
              O then deare sweet for loue and pitti's sake
              My faith reward, and from me scandall take.



Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer