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Thomas Campion

The Fovrth Booke of Ayres


V. Euery Dame affects good fame

       1 Euery Dame affects good fame, what ere her doings be :
       But true prayse is Vertues Bayes, which none may werae but she.
       Borrow'd guise fits not the wise, a simple look is best :
       Natiue grace becomes a face, though ne'er so rudely drest.
           Now such new-found toyes are sold these women to disguise,
           That before the yeare growes old the newest fashion dyes.

       2 Dames of yore contended more in goodnesse to exceede,
       Then in pride to be enui'd for that which least they neede :
       Little Lawne then seru'd the Pawne, if Pawne at all there were;
       Home-spun thread, and houshold bread then held out all the yeare :
           But th'attyres of women now weare out both house and land,
           That the wiues in silkes may flow at ebbe the Good-men stand.

       3 Once agen Astrea then from heau'n to earth descend,
       And vouchsafe in their behalfe these errours to amend :
       Aid from heau'n n.use make all eeu'n, things are so out of frame;
       For let man striue all he can, hee needes must please his Dame.
           Happy man content that giues, and what hee giues enioyes ;
           Happy Dame content that liues, and breakes no sleepe for toyes.



Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer