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Thomas Campion

The Fovrth Booke of Ayres


XXIIII. Faine would I wed

     Faine would I wed a faire yong man, that day and night could please mee :
     When my mind or body grieued, that had the powre to ease mee.
     Maids are full of longing thoughts, that breed a bloudlesse sickenesse :
     And that oft I heare men say, is onely cur'd by quicknesse.
     Oft I haue beene woo'd and prai'd, but neuer could be moued :
     Many for a day or so I haue most dearely loued ;
     But this foolish mind of mine straight loathes the thing resolued.
     If to loue be sinne in mee, that sinne is soone absolued.
     Sure I thinke I shall at last flye to some holy Order ;
     When I once am setled there then can I flye no farther :
     Yet I would not dye a maid, because I had a mother.
     As I was by one brought forth I would bring forth another.



Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer