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Thomas Campion

The Third Booke of Ayres


III. Were my heart as

       1   Were my heart as some mens are, thy errours would not moue me:
       But thy faults I curious finde and speake, because I loue thee:
       Patience is a thing diuine, and farre I grant aboue mee.

       2  Foes sometimes befriend vs more, our blacker deedes obiecting,
       Then th'obsequious bosome guest, with false respect affecting:
       Friendship is the glasse of Truth, our hidden slaines detecting.

       3  While I vse of eyes enioy, and inward light of reason,
       Thy obseruer will I be, and censor, but in season :
       Hidden mischiefe to conceale in State, and Loue is treason.



Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer