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Thomas Campion

The Third Booke of Ayres


VI. Why presumes thy pride

       1  Why presumes thy pride on that that must so priuate be ?
       Scarce that it can good be cal'd, though it seemes best to thee.
       Best of all that Nature fram'd, or curious eye can see.

       2  Tis thy beauty, foolish Maid, that like a blossome growes,
       Which who viewes no more enioyes then on a bush a Rose,
       That by manies handling fades; and thou art one of those.
       3  If to one thou shalt proue true, and all beside reiect,
       Then art thou but one mans good, which yeelds a poore effect ;
       For the common'st good by farre deserues the best respect.

       4  But if for this goodnesse thou thy selfe wilt common make,
       Thou art then not good at all; so thou canst no way take
       But to proue the meanst good, or else all good forsake.

       5  Be not then of beauty proud, but so her colours beare,
       That they proue not staines to her that them for grace should weare ;
       So shalt thou to all more fayre then thou were borne appeare.



Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer