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Thomas Campion

The Third Booke of Ayres


XI. If Loue loues truth

       1  If Loue loues truth, then women doe not loue:
       Their passions all are but dissembled shewes;
       Now kinde and free of fauour if they proue.
       Their kindnes straight a tempest ouerthrowes.
           Then as a Seaman the poore louer fares,
           The storme drownes him ere hee can drowne his cares.

       2  But why accuse I women that deceiue ?
       Blame then the Foxes for their subtile wile :
       They first from Nature did their craft receiue :
       It is a womans nature to beguile.
           Yet some I grant in louing stedfast grow ;
           But such by vse, are made, not nature so.

       3  O why had Nature power at once to frame
       Deceit and Beauty, traitors both to Loue ?
       Oh would Deceit had dyed when Beauty came
       With her diuinenesse eu'ry heart to moue !
           Yet doe we rather with what ere befall,
           To haue fayre women false, then none at all.



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