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Thomas Campion

The Third Booke of Ayres


XIIII. What is it all that men possesse

       1  What is it all that men possesse, among themselues conuersing ?
       Wealth or fame, or some such boast, scarce worthy the rehearsing.
       Women onely are mens good with them in loue conuersing.

       2  If weary, they prepare vs rest ; if sicke, their hand attends vs.
       When with griefe our hearts are prest, their comfort best befriends vs :
       Sweet or sowre, they willing goe to share what fortune sends vs.

       3  What pretty babes with paine they beare, our name and form presenting ?
       What we get, how wise they keepe, by sparing, wants preuenting ;
       Sorting all their houshold cares to our obseru'd contenting.

       4  All this of whose large vse I sing, in two words is expressed ;
       Good wife is the good I praise, if by good men possessed ;
       Bad with bad in ill sute well, but good with good liue blessed.



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