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Thomas Campion

The Third Booke of Ayres


XV. Fire that must flame

       1  Fire that must flame is with apt fuell fed,
       Flowers that wil thriue in sunny soyle are bred;
       How can a hart feele heate that no hope findes ?
       Or can hee loue on whom no comfort shines ?

       2  Fayre, I confesse there's pleasure in your sight :
       Sweet, you haue powre I grant of all delight.
       But what is all to mee if I haue none ?
       Churle that you are t'inioy such wealth alone.

       3  Prayres moue the heau'ns, but finde no grace with you ;
       Yet in your lookes a heauenly forme I view :
       Then will I pray againe, hoping to finde
       As well as in your lookes, heau'n in your minde.

       4  Saint of my heart, Queene of my life, and loue,
       O let my vowes thy louing spirit moue :
       Let me no longer mourne through thy disdaine,
       But with one touch of grace cure all my paine.



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