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14. Ayres in Tabletorie to the Lute

M I C H A E L L   C A V E N D I S H



22. Zephirus brings the time.

  Zephirus brings the time that sweetly senteth,
With flowres and hearbs and winters frost exileth,
Progne chirpeth and Philomel lamenteth,
Flora the garlands white and red compileth,
Fields do reioice the frowning skie relenteth,
Ioue to behold his deerest daughter smileth,
The ayre, the water, the earth to ioy consenteth
Each creature now to loue him reconcileth.

words by:
Nicholas Yonge [Musica Transalpina, 1588 & 1597]


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer