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14. Ayres in Tabletorie to the Lute

M I C H A E L L   C A V E N D I S H



4. Haue I vow' d and must not breake it.

  Haue I vow' d and must not breake it ?
Fondly vow' d is wisely broken,
Do I loue and dare not speake it ?
Silence doth no loue betoken:
    Thus I bind in this my breaking,
    And I am in silence speaking.

Loue is bound though I seeme free,
Wrapt in deepe affections snare,
Loue I must how so ere it be,
Too late men say doth come beware.
    Then vowe no more sith vowes are vaine,
    Wrapt in deepe affections chayne.



Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer