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William Corkine



3. Two Louers sat lamenting

    1    Two Louers sat lamenting,
Hard by a Christall brooke,
Each others hart tormenting,
Exchanging looke for looke,
    With sighes and teares bewraying,
    Their silent thoughts delaying,
            At last coth one,
            Shall wee alone,
Sit here our thoughts bewraying.
            Fie, fie, oh fie,
Oh fie, it may not be,
            Set looking by,
Let speaking set vs free.

    2    Then thus their silence breaking,
Their thoughts too long estranged
They doe bewray by speaking,
And words with words exchanged :
    Then one of them replyed
    Great pitty we had dyed,
            Thus all alone
            In silent moane
And not our thoughts descryed.
            Fie, fie, oh fie,
Oh fie, that had beene ill
            that inwardly
Silence the hart should kill.

    3    From lookes and words to kisses
They made their next proceeding,
And as their onely blisses
They therein were exceeding.
    Oh what a ioy is this,
    To looke, to talke, to kisse ?
            But thus begunne
            Is all now done ?
Ah : all then nothing is.
            Fie, fie, oh fie,
Oh fie, it is a Hell
            And better dye
Then kisse, and not end well.


Online text copyright © Harald Lillmeyer