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William Corkine



4. T'is true, t'is day

    1    T'is true, t'is day, what though it be ?,
And will you therefore rise from me ?
What will you rise because tis light ?
Did we lye downe because twas night ?
    Loue that in spight of darknesse brought vs hether,
    In spight of light should keepe vs still together.

    2    Light hath no tongue, but is all Eye,
If it could speake as well as spye,
This were the worst that I could say,
That being well I faine would stay.
    And that I loue my hart and honor so
    That I would not from him that hath them goe.

    3    Ist businesse that doth you remoue ?
Oh, that's the worst disease of Loue,
The poore, the foule, the false, loue can
Admit, but not the busied man :
    He that hath businesse, and makes loue doth doe,
    Such wrong as if a marryed man should woe.

John Donne: 'Break of Day' [Another of the same]
(Songs and Sonnets, 1633)

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