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William Corkine



7. Downe, downe proud minde

Downe, downe proud minde, thou soarest farre aboue thy might,
Aspiring heart, wilt thou not cease to breed my woe ?
High thoughts, meete with disdaine, Peace and Loue fight
Peace thou hast wone the field, and Loue shall hence in bondage goe.
This fall from Pride my rising is from griefes great deepe
That bottome wants, vp to the toppe of happy blisse:
In peace and rest I shall securely sleepe,
Where neither scorne, disdaine, Loues torment, griefe, or anguish is.

                                Or this:
Stoope, stoope, proud heart, and mounting hopes downe, downe descend,
Rise Spleene and burst, hence Ioyes; for Griefe must now ascend :
My Starres conspire my spoile; which is effected :
I dye, yet liue in death, of Loue and Life (at once) reiected.
Then, O descend; and from the height of Hope come downe :
My Loue and Fates on mee (aye mee) doe ioyntly frowne,
Then Death (if euer) now come doe thy duty;
And martir him (alas) that martir'd is by Loue and Beauty.


Online text copyright © Harald Lillmeyer