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A Pilgrimes Solace

I o h n   D o w l a n d



2. Sweete stay a while, why will you rise ?

To my worthy friend Mr. William Iewel
of Exceter Colledge in Oxford.

       Sweete stay a while, why will you rise ?
       The light you see comes from your eyes :
       The day breakes not, it is my heart,
       To thinke that you and I must part.
       O stay, or else my ioyes must dye,
       And perish in their infancie.

       Deare let me dye in this faire breast,
       Farre sweeter then the Phnix nest.
       Loue raise desire by his sweete charmes
       Within this circle of thine armes :
       And let thy blissefull kisses cherish
       Mine infant ioyes, that else must perish.


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer