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R o b e r t   D o w l a n d



III. O Eyes leaue off your weeping

       1   O Eyes leaue off your weeping,
       Loue hath the thoughts in keeping,
             That may content you :
       Let not this misconceiuing,
       Where comforts are receiuing,
             Causelesse torment you.

       2   Cloudes threaten but a shower,
       Hope hath his happy houre,
             Though long in lasting.
       Time needs must be attended,
       Loue must not be offended
             With too much hasting.

       3   But O the painfull pleasure,
       Where Loue attends the leasure
             Of liues wretchednesse :
       Where Hope is but illusion,
       And Feare is but confusion
             Of Loues happinesse.

       4   But happy Hope that seeth
       How Hope and Hap agreeth :
             Of life depriue me,
       Or let me be assured,
       When life hath death endured,
             Loue will reuiue me.


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer