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R o b e r t   D o w l a n d



V. O deere life when shall it be

           1   O deere life when shall it be
       That mine eyes thine eyes may see,
           And in them thy minde discouer,
       Whether absence hath had force,
       Thy remembrance to diuorce,
           From the Image of the Louer ?

           2   O if I my selfe finde not,
       By thine absence oft forgot,
           Nor debarde from Beauties treasure:
       Let no Tongue aspire to tell
       In what high I shall dwell,
           Onely Thought aymes at the pleasure.

           3   Thought therefore will I send thee,
       To take vp the place for mee,
           Long I will not after tarry:
       There vnseene thou mayst be bolde
       Those fayre wonders to behold,
           Which in them my hopes doe carry.

           4   Thought, see thou no place forbeare,
       Enter brauely euery where,
           Seize on all to her belonging:
       But if thou wouldest guarded be,
       Fearing her beames, take with thee,
           Strength of liking, rage of longing.

           5   O my Thoughts, my thoughts, surcease,
       Your delights my woes increase,
           My life fleetes with too much thinking.
       Thinke no more, but dye in mee
       Till thou shalt receiued be
           At her lips my Nectar drinking.

words by:
Sir Philip Sidney

Anniina Jokinen's Sir Philip Sidney page


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer