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T  H  I  R  D     A  N  D
L A S T  B O O K E
O F  S O N G S  O R
A I R E S.

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Iohn Dowland


XI. Lend your eares to my sorrow.

        Lend your eares to my sorrow 
    Good people that haue any pitie:
        For no eyes will I borrow
    Mine own shall grace my doleful ditty:
        Chant then my voice though rude like to my riming,
    And tell foorth my griefe which here in sad despaire 
        Can find no ease of tormenting.

        Once I liu'd, once I knew delight,
    No griefe did shadowe then my pleasure:
        Grac'd with loue, cheer'd with beauties sight,
    I ioyed alone true heau'nly trasure,
        O what a Heau'n is loue firmely embraced,
    Such power alone can fixe delight
        In Fortunes bosome euer placed.

        Cold as Ice frozen is that hart,
    Where thought of loue could no time enter:
        Such of life reape the poorest part,
    Whose weight cleaues to this earthly center,
       Mutuall iotes in hearts truly vnited
    Doe earth to heauenly state conuert
        Like heau'n still in it selfe delighted.
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