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T  H  I  R  D     A  N  D
L A S T  B O O K E
O F  S O N G S  O R
A I R E S.

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Iohn Dowland


V. Me me and none but me.

      Me me and none but me, 
           dart home O gentle death,
      And quicklie, 
           for I draw too long this idle breath.
      O howe I long till I 
           may fly to heau'n aboue,
      Unto my faithfull, 
           beloved turtle doue.
      Like to the siluer Swanne, 
           before my death I sing :
      And yet aliue 
           my fatal knell I helpe to ring.
      Still I desire from earth 
           and earthly ioyes to flie,
      He neuer happie liu'd, 
           that cannot loue to die.

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