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T  H  I  R  D     A  N  D
L A S T  B O O K E
O F  S O N G S  O R
A I R E S.

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Iohn Dowland


VIII. Flow not so fast yee fountaines.

      Flow not so fast yee fountaines,
      What needeth all this haste,
      Swell not aboue your mountaines,
      Nor spend your time in waste,
                            Gentle springs freshly your salt teares
                            Must still fall dropping from their spheares.
      Weepe they apace whom Reason,
      Or lingring time can ease:
      My sorow can no season,
      Nor ought besides appease
                           Gentle springs, &c.
      Time can abate the terrour
      Of euerie common paine,
      But common griefe is errour,
      True griefe will still remaine.
                           Gentle springs, &c.
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