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Alfonso Ferrabosco




      Flye from the world O flye thou poore distrest,
      where thy diseased soule infects thy soule,
      And where thy thoughts doe multiply vurest,
      Tiring with wishes what they straight controule,
            O world, O world, betrayer of the minde,
            O thoughts, O thoughts that guide vs being blinde.

      Come therefore care, conduct me to my end,
      And steere this shipwrackt carkasse to the graue :
      My sighes a strange and stedfast winde shall lend,
      Teares wet the sailes, Repentance from rocks saue.
            Haile death, haile death, the land I doe discry,
            Strike saile, goe soule, rest followes them that dye.


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer, 2003