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Alfonso Ferrabosco




A Dialogue betweene a Shepheard and a Nimph

  Shepheard:     Fayre cruell Nymph why thus in griefe and anguish,
                       Mak' st thou him that adores thee pine and languish ?

  Nimph:          Why Shepheard dost thou mee condemne as cruell,
                       Since thine owne fancies are thy passions fuell ?

  Shepheard:     O but these fancies from thy beautie flow,

  Nimph:          Then shall reliefe to thee from bountie grow,

  Both:             O how I ioy in thee my happy choise,
                       As thou in me so I in thee reioyce :
                       Then let vs still together liue and loue,
                       and sing the ioyes that happy louers proue.


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer, 2003