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Alfonso Ferrabosco




      So, so, leaue off, this last lamenting kisse, 
      Which sucks two soules and vapours both away,
      Turne thou ghost that way, And let me turne this,
      And let our selues benight our happy day,
            We aske none leaue to loue, nor will we owe
            Any so cheape a death as saying goe.

      Goe, goe, and if that word haue not quite kild thee,
      Ease me with death by bidding me goe to :
      O, if it haue let my word worke on me,
      And a iust office on a murderer doe.
            Except it be too late to kill me so,
            Beeing double dead, going and bidding goe.

John Donne : "The Expiration"
from: Songs and Sonnets ( 1633 )

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Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer, 2003