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A Musicall Dreame

Robert Iones



XII. She hath an eye, ah me

       1  She hath an eye, ah me, ah me,
       She hath an eye, ah me, to see,
               Ah me that shee hath too 
       Which makes me sigh as louers doe,      hey hoe, hey hoe
               Hey hoe, ah me, that an eye
               Should make her liue and mee to die.
       Wise mens eyes are in their mind,
       But louers eyes are euer blind.

       2  She hath a lippe, ah, ah, alas,
       Two lippes wich doe themselues surpasse,
               Alasse two lips for kisses,
       Of earthly loue that heauenly blisses,      hey hoe, hey hoe
               Alasse, oh woe that a heauen,
               Should make vs ods that make all euen.
       Ladies kisses are a charme,
       That kill vs ere they doe vs harme.

       3  She hath a heart, ah me, ah me,
       A heart she hath which none can see,
               Ah me that I haue none,
       Which makes me sigh, yea sighing grone,      hey hoe, hey hoe
               Hey hoe, aye me, that I part,
               And liue, yet leaue with her my heart.
       Hartlesse men may hue by loue,
       This she doth know and this I proue.


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer