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A Musicall Dreame

Robert Iones



XIX. In Sherwood liude stout Robin Hood

       In Sherwood liude stout Robin Hoode
           An Archer great none greater,
       His bow and shafts were sure and good,
           Yet Cupids were much better,
       Robin could shoot at many a Hart and misse,
           Cupid at first could hit a hart of his,
       Hey iolly Robin, hey iolly Robin Hood,
           Loue finds out me as well as thee 
       To follow mee to the green wood.

       A noble thiefe was Robin Hoode,
           Wise was he could deceiue him,
       Yet Marrian in his brauest mood,
           Could of his heart bereaue him,
       No greater thiefe lies hidden vnder skies,
           Then beauty closely lodgde in womens eyes.
                      Hey iolly Robin.

       An Out-law was this Robin Hoode,
           His life free and vnruly,
       Yet to faire Marrian bound he stood,
           And loues debt payed her duely.
       Whom curbe of stricktest law could not hold in,
           Loue with obeyednes and a winke could winne.
                      Hey iolly Robin.

       Now wend we home stout Robin Hoode,
           Leaue we the woods behind vs,
       Loue passions must not be withstood,
           Loue euerywhere will find vs,
       I liude in field and towne, and so did he,
           I got me to the woods, loue followed me.
                      Hey iolly Robin.


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer