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A Musicall Dreame

Robert Iones



II. Sweet Kate of late ranne away

           1   Sweete Kate,
                   Of late,
       Ran away and left me playning,
                 A bide,
                 I cride,
       Or I die with thy disdayning,
               Te hee hee quoth she,
               Gladly would I see,
       Any man to die with louing,
               Neuer any yet,
               Died of such a fitte,
       Neither haue I  feare of prouing.

           2   Vnkind,
                   I find,
       Thy delight is in tormenting,
                 A bide,
                 I cride,
       Or I die with thy consenting,
               Te hee hee quoth she,
               Make no foole of me,
       Men I know haue oathes at pleasure,
               But their hopes attaind,
               They bewray they faind,
       And their oathes are kept at leasure.

           3   Her words,
                   Like swords,
       Cut my sorry heart in sunder,
                 Her floutes,
                 With doubts,
       Kept my heart affections vnde,
               Te hee hee quoth she,
               What a foole is he,
       Stands in awe of once denying,
               Cause I had in ough
               To become more rough,
       So I did, O happy trying.

Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer