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A Musicall Dreame

Robert Iones



VIII. Farewell fond youth

       Farewell fond youth, if thou hadst not beene blinde,
           Out of mine eyes thou mightst haue read my mind,
       But now I plainely see how thou wouldst faine leaue me;
           Sure I was accurst,
       Not to goe at first,
           Sure I was accurst, O fie no,
       Sweet stay and I will tell thee why no.

       Once more farewell, since first I heard thee speake,
           And had but sung farewell, my heart would breake,
       But now since I doe find thy loue is like the wind,
           What a foole was I,
       To be like to die.
           What a foole was I, I was not,
       Yet say I was a foole I passe not.

       Woes me alasse, why did I let him goe,
           These be the fruites of idle saying no,
       Now that he can disproue me, how shall he euer loue me,
           Nay but is he gone,
       Then I am vndone,
           Nay but is he gone, O hold him,
       Fie, forty things are yet vntold him.


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer