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A Musicall Dreame

Robert Iones



IX. How should I shew my loue vnto my loue

       1  How should I shew my loue vnto my loue,
           But hide it from all eyes saue my loue eyes:
       The way by pen ot tond I dare not proue,
           Their drifts are oft discouered by the wise,
       Lookes are more safe, yet ouer them are spies,
           Then whats the way to cosen iealousie,
       Which martyrs loue by marking narrowly.

       2  By all these wayes may thy affections walke,
           Without suspition of the iealous guarde:
       Thy whispering tong to her closde eare shall talke,
           And be impotunate till be harde,
       Papers shall passe lookes shall not be debarde,
           To looke for loues young infants in her eyes,
       Be franke and bold as the is kind and wife.

       3  O who can be so francke as she is kind,
           Whose kindnesse merites more then Monarchies,
       Boldnesse with her milde grace, grace cannot find,
           Onely her wit ouer that doth tyrannize,
       Then let her worth and thy loue sympathize,
           Sith her worth to thy loue cannot be knowne,
       Nor thy loue to her worthinesse be showne.


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer