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Muses Gardin for

R O B E R T   I O N E S



12. I am so farre from pittying thee

       I am so farre from pittying thee,
       That wear'st a branch of Willow tree,
       That I doe enuie thee and all,
       That once was high and got a fall,
                   O Willow willow willow tree,
                   I would thou didst belong to mee.

       Thy wearing Willow doth imply,
       That thou art happier farre then I,
       For once thou wert where thou wouldst be,
       Though now thou wear'st the Willow tree,
                   O Willow willow sweete willow,
                   Let me once lie vpon her pillow.

       I doe defie both bough and roote,
       And all the friends of hell to boote,
       One houre of Paradised ioye,
       Makes Purgatorie seeme a toy,
                   O Willow willow doe the worst,
                   Thou canst not make me more accurst.

       I haue spent all my golden time,
       In writing many a louing rime,
       I haue consumed all my youth,
       In vowing of my faith and trueth,
                   O Willow willow willow tree,
                   Yet can I not beleeued bee.

       And now alas it is too late,
       Gray hayres the messenger of fate,
       Bids me to set my heart at rest,
       For beautie loueth young men best,
                   O Willow willow I must die,
                   Thy seruants happier farre then I.

Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer