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Muses Gardin for

R O B E R T   I O N E S



15. My father faine

       My father faine would haue mee take
       A man that hath a beard,
       My mother shee cries out alacke,
       And makes mee much afraide,
       For sooth I am not olde enough,
       Nowe surely this is good ???
       Faith let my mother marrie mee,
       Or let some young man burie mee.

       For I haue liu'd these fourteene yeeres,
       My mother knowes it well,
       What neede shee then to cast such feares,
       Can any body tell ?
       As though young women doe not know,
       That custome will not let them wo,
       I would bee glad if I might chuse,
       But I were madde if I refuse.

       My mother bids me goe to Schoole,
       And learne to doe some good,
       T'were well if shee would let the foole,
       Come home and sucke a dugge,
       As if my father knew not yet,
       That maidens are for yong men fit,
       Giue me my mind and let me wed,
       Or you shall quickly find me dead.

       How soone my mother hath forgot,
       That euer shee was yong,
       And how that shee denyed not,
       But sung another song,
       I must not speake what I doe thinke,
       When I am drie I may not drinke,
       Though her desire be now growen old,
       She must haue fier when shee is cold.

       You see the mother loues the sonne,
       The father loues the maide,
       What would shee haue me be a Nun ?
       I will not be delaide,
       I will not liue thus idle still,
       My mother shall not haue her will,
       My father speaketh like a man,
       I will be married doe what shee can.

Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer