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R O B E R T   I O N E S



9. There was a shepheard

       There was a shepheard that did liue,
               And helde his thoughts as hie,
       As were the Mounts, whereon his flockes
               Did hourely feede him by.
       He from his youth, his tender youth,
               Which was vnapt to keepe,
       Or hopes , or feares, or loues, or cares,
               Or thoughts but of his sheepe.

       Did with his dogge as Shepheards doe,
               For Shepheards wanting wit,
       Deuise some sports, though foolish sports,
               Yet sports for Shepheards fit,
       The boy that ( yet ) was but a boy,
               Ans so desir's were hid,
       Did grow a man, and men must loue,
               And loue this Shepheard did.

       He loued much, none can too much,
               Loue one so high diuine,
       As but her selfe, none but her selfe,
               So faire, so fresh, so fine,
       He vowed by his Shepheards weede,
               An Oath which Shepheards keepe,
       That he would follow Phillyday,
               Before a flocke of sheepe.

Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer