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R O B E R T   I O N E S



17. Now let her change and spare not.

       1   Now let her change and spare not
       Since shee proues strange I care not,
       Fained loue so bewitcht my delight,
       That still I doted on her sight,
       But she is gone new delights embrasing,
             And my desertes disgrasing.

       2   When did I erre in blindnesse,
       Or vexe her with vnkindnesse ?
       If my heart did attend her alone,
       Why is she thus vntimely gone ?
       True loue abides to the day of dying,
             False loue is euer flying.

       3   Thou false farewell for euer,
       Once false proues faithfull neuer:
       He that now so triumphes in thy loue,
       Shall soone my present fortunes proue:
       Were he as fayre as Adonis,
             Faith is not had where none is.

words by:
Thomas Campion

Anniina Jokinen's Thomas Campion page


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer