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R O B E R T   I O N E S



2. Beauty sate bathing by a spring.

       1   Beauty sate bathing by a spring,
            where fairest shades did hide her,
            The windes blew calme, the birds did sing,
            The coole streames ranne beside her,
                    My wanton thoughts intiste my eye
                    To see what was forbidden,
                    But better memory cride fie,
                    So vaine gelights were chidden.

       2   Into a slumber then I fell,
            But fond imagination
            Seemed to see, but could not tell
            Her feature of her fashion.
                    But euen as babes in dreames do smile
                    And sometime fall aweeping:
                    So I awakt as wife the while
                    As when I fell asleeping.

words by:
Anthony Munday


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer