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R O B E R T   I O N E S



20. Oft haue I muzde the cause to finde.

       1   Oft haue I muz'd the cause to finde,
       Why loue in Ladies eyes shuld dwel,
       I thought because him selfe was blinde,
       Hee lookt, that they shuld guide him well,
             And sure his hope but seldome failes,
             For loue by Ladies eyes preuailes.

       2   But time at last hath taught me wit,
       Although I bought my wit full deare:
       For by her eyes my heart is hit,
       Deepe is the wound, though none appeare,
             Their glancing beames, as dartes he throwes,
             And sure he hath no shaftes but those.

       3   I muz'd to see their eyes so bright,
       And little thought they had beene fire.
       I gaz'd vpon them with delight,
       But that delight hath bred desire:
             What better place can loue require,
             Then that where growe both shaftes and fire.


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer