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R O B E R T   I O N E S



21. Now haue I learnd with much adoo at last.

       1   Now haue I learnd with much adoo at last
                 By true disdaine to kill desire:
       This was the marke at which I shot, so fast
                 Vnto this height I did aspire,
       Proud loue, now do thy worst and spare not
       For thee and all thy shaftes I care not.

       2   What hast thou left wherewith to moue my minde ?
                 What life to quicken dead desire ?
       I count thy words and oathes as light as winde,
                 I feele no heate in all thy fire.
       Go change thy bow and get a stronger,
       Go breake thy shaftes and buy thee longer.

       3   In vaine thou baitst thy hooke with beauties blaze,
                 In vaine thy wanton eyes allure,
       These are but toyes for them that loue to gaze,
                 I know what harme thy lookes procure:
       Some strange conceit must be deuis'd,
       Or thou and all thy skill despis'd.


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer