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R O B E R T   I O N E S



5. What if I sped where I least expected.

       1  What if I sped where I least expected, what shall I say ? shall I lye ?
           What if I must where I most affected, what shall I do, shall I dye ?
                                       No, no, Ile haue at all,
                                       Tis as my game doth fall,
                                       If I keepe my meaning close,
                                       I may hit how ere it goes.
                                       For time and I
                                       Do meane to try
                                       What hope doth lye in youth, fa la la:
                                       The minds that doubt,
                                       Are in and out,
                                       And women flout at truth : fa la la.

       2  She whome aboue the skies I renowed, she whome I loued, shee,
           Can she leaue all in leathe drowned, can she be coy to me ?
                                       Her passions are but cold :
                                       She stands and doth beholde,
                                       She retaines her lookes estrangde,
                                       As if heauen and earth were changde.
                                       I speake she heares,
                                       I touch, she feares,
                                       Herein appeares her wit, fa la la:
                                       I catch, she flies,
                                       I hold, she cries,
                                       And still denies, and yet fa la la.    

       3  May not a wanton looke like a woman, tell me the reason why ?
           And if a blinde man chance of a birds nest, must he be pratling ? fye:
                                       What mortall strength can keepe,
                                       That's got as in a sleepe :
                                       The felony is his
                                       That brags of a stolne kis :
                                       For when we met,
                                       Both in a net,
                                       Then Vulcan set, were hid, fa la la la:
                                       And so god wot
                                       We did it not,
                                       Or else forgot we did. Fa la la la.



Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer