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F I R S T   B O O K E
of Songes or Ayres

R O B E R T   I O N E S



12. Farewell dear loue.

       Farewell dear loue since thou wilt needs be gone,
       Mine eies do shew my life is almost gone,
                 Nay I will neuer die,
                 So long as I can spie,
                 There be many mo,
                 Though that she doe go,
       There be many mo I feare not,
       Why then let her goe I care not.

       Farewell, farewell, since this I finde is true,
       I will not spend more time in wooing you:
                 But I will seeke elswhere,
                 If I may find her there,
                 Shall I bid her goe,
                 What and if I doe ?
       Shall I bid her goe and spare not,
       Oh no no no no I dare not.

       Ten thousand times farewell, yet stay a while,
       Sweet kisse me once, sweet kisses time beguile:
                 I haue no power to moue,
                 How now, am I in loue ?
                 Wilt thou needs be gone ?
                 Go then, all is one,
       Wilt thou needs be gone ? oh hie thee,
       Nay, stay and doe no more denie mee.

       Once more farewell, I see loth to depart,
       Bids oft adew to her that holdes my hart:
                 But seeing I must loose,
                 Thy loue which I did chuse:
                 Go thy waies for me,
                 Since it may not be,
       Go thy waies for me, but whither ?
       Go, oh but where I may come thither.

       What shall I doe ? my loue is now departed,
       Shee is as faire as shee is cruell harted:
                 Shee would not be intreated,
                 With praiers oft repeated:
                 If shee come no more,
                 Shall I die therefore,
       If shee come no more, what care I ?
       Faith, let her go, or come, or tarry.

W.Shakespeare Twelfth Night II, iii.


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer