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F I R S T   B O O K E
of Songes or Ayres

R O B E R T   I O N E S



5. Led by a strong desire.

             Led by a strong desire
             To haue a thing vnseene,
             Nothing could make mee tire
             To bee where as I had been,
       I got her sight which made me think,
       My thirst was gone because I saw my drinke.

             Kept by the carefull watch
             Of more then hundred eies,
             I sought but could not catch
             The thing she not denies:
       Tis better to be blind and fast,
       Then hungrie see thy loue and cannot tast.

             But louers eies doe wake
             When others are at rest,
             And in the night they slake
             The fire of daies vnrest:
       Mee thinkes that ioy is of most worth,
       Which painful time and passed fears brings forth.

             Yet husbands doe suppose
             To keepe their wiues by art,
             And parents will disclose
             By looke their childrens hart:
       As if they which haue will to doe,
       Had not the wit to blind such keepers to.

             Peace then yee aged fooles
             That know your selues so wise,
             That from experience schooles
             Doe thinke wit must arise:
       Giue young men leaue to thinke and say,
       Your senses with your bodies doe decay.

             Loue ruleth like a God
             Whom earth keepes not in awe,
             Nor feare of smarting rod
             Denounc'd by reasons law:
       Giue graue aduise but rest you there,
       Youth hath his cours, and wil, and you youths wer.

             Thinke not by prying care
             To picke loues secrets out,
             If you suspitious are
             Your selues resolue your doubt,
       Who seekes to know such deede once done,
       Findes periury before confession.


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer