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B O O K E   O F   S O N G S

R o b e r t   I o n e s



14. Faire women like faire iewels are.

       Faire women like faire iewels are
       Whose worth lies in opinion,
       To praise them all must be his care
       That goes about to win one,
       And when he hath her once obtain'd,
       To her face he must her flatter,
       But not to others least he moue,
       Their eies to leuell at her.

       The way to purchase truth in loue,
       If such way there be anie,
       Must be to giue her leaue to roue,
       And hinder one by manie.
       Beleeue thou must that she is fayre,
       When poysoned tongues doe sting her,
       Rich Iewels beare the selfe same hew,
       Put vpon anie finger.

       The perfectest of mind and shape,
       Must looke for defamations.
       Liue how they will they cannot scape,
       Their persons are temptations,
       Then let the world condemne my choyse,
       As laughing at my follie,
       If she be kind the selfe same voyce,
       Is spred of the most hollie.


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer