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B O O K E   O F   S O N G S

R o b e r t   I o n e s



8. Beautie stand further

           Beautie stand further,
       Repine not at my blaming
           Is it not murther,
       To set my hart on flaming,
           Thus hopelesse to take
       Bare sight of such a glorie,
           Doth tempt me to make
       My death beget a storie.
       Then pitie me, least some worse thing ensue it,
       My deaths true cause will force the gilt to rue it. 

           Is it not better,
       To loue thy friend in good sort,
           Then to be debter,
       For kindnesse name to report,
           If you had the lesse,
       For this rich mercie lending,
           Then should I confesse,
       No thrift were in such spending.
       Oh pittie me, the gaine shall be thine owne all,
       I would but liue, to make thy vertues knowne all.


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer