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T h o m a s   M o r l e y



13. Faire in a morne.

       1   Faire in a morne oh fairest morne was euer morne so faire,
            When as the sun but not the same that shined in the ayre,
            And on a hill, oh fairest hill was neuer hill so blessed,
            There stoode a man was neuer man for no man so distressed.

       2   But of the earth no earthly Sunne, and yet no earthly creature,
            There stoode a face was neuer face, that carried such a feature,
            This man had hap O happie man, no man so hapt as he,
            For none had hap to see the hap, that he had hapt to see.

       3   And as he behold this man beheld, he saw so faire a face,
            The which would daunt the fairest here, and straine the brauest grace,
            Pittie he cried, and pittie came, and pittied for his paine,
            That dying would not let him die, but gaue him life againe.

       4   For ioy where of he made such mirth, that all the world did ring,
            And Pan for all his Nimphes came forth, to heare the Shepherds sing.
            But such a song song neuer was, nor were will be againe,
            Of Philida the shepheards Queene, and Coridon the swaine.

words by:
Nicholas Breton, in: "England's Helicon", 1600


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer