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T h o m a s   M o r l e y



14. Absence heere thou.

       Absence heere thou my protestation,
            Against thy strength,
            Distaunce and length
       Doe what you dare for alteration,
            For hartes of truest metall,
            Absence doth ioyne, and time dooth settle.

       missing stanzas:

       Who loves a Mistris of right quality,
            His mind hath founde
            Affections grounde
       Beyond time, place, and all mortality:
            To harts that cannot vary
            Absence is present, time doth tary:

       My Sences want their outward motion
            Which now within
            Reason doth win,
       Redoubled by her secret notion:
            Like rich men that take pleasure
            In hidinge more then handling treasure.

       By absence this good means I gaine
            That I can catch her
            Where none can watch her
       In some close corner of my braine:
            There I embrace and kiss her,
            And so enjoye her, and so misse her.

words by:
John Hoskins, in: A Poeticall Rhapsody, 1602 [!]


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer