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T h o m a s   M o r l e y



9. Can I forget.

       1   Can I forget what reasons force, Imprinted in my heart,
            Can I vnthinke these restlesse thoughts, When first I felt loues dart,
            Shall tongue recall what thoughts and loue by reason once did speake.
            No, no all thinges saue death wantes force that faithfull band to breake.

       2   For now I proue no life to loue, where fancie breeds content,
            True loues reward with wife regard, is neuer to repent,
            It yeelds delight that feedes the sight, whilst distance doe them part,
            Such foode fedd me when I did see, in mine another hart.

       3   Another hart I spied, combi' nd within my brest so fast,
            As to a straunger I seemde straunge, but loue forc'd loue at last,
            Yet was I not as then I seem'd, but rather wish to see,
            If in so full of harbour loue, might constant lodged bee.

       4   So Cupid playes oft now a dayes, and makes the foole seeme faire,
            He dims the sight breeding delight, where we seeme to dispaire,
            So in our hart he makes them sport, and laughes at them that loue,
            Who for their paine gets this againe, their loue no liking [?] moue.


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer