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Francis Pilkington

F I R S T   B O O K E   O F
Songs or Ayres of 4.parts:

1 6 0 5


I. Now peep, boe peep, thrise happie blest mine eies.

    Now peep, boe peep, thrise happie blest mine eies,
    For I haue found faire Phillis where she lies. 
    Vpon her bed, with armes vnspred, all fast a sleepe,
    Vnmaskt her face, thrise happie grace, farewell my Sheepe,
    Looke to your selues, new charge I must approue,
    Phillis doth sleepe, and I must guard my Loue.
    2   Now peep boe peep, mine eyes to see your blisse,
    Phillis closd eyes atrackts you, hers to kisse:
    Oh may I now performe my vow, loues ioy t'impart,
    Assay the while, how to be-guile, farewell faint hart.
    Taken she is, new ioyes I must approue,
    Phillis doth sleep, and I will kisse my Loue.

    3   Now peep, boe peep, be not too bould my hand,
    Wake not thy Phillis, feare shee doe with-stand :
    Shee stirs alas, alas, alas I faunt in spright,
    Shee opes her eie, vnhappie I, farewell delight.
    Awakt shee is, new woes I must approue,
    Phillis awakes, and I must leaue my Loue.



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