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Francis Pilkington

F I R S T   B O O K E   O F
Songs or Ayres of 4.parts:

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II. My choice is made, and I desire no change.

 My choice is made and I desire no change,
 My wandring thoughts in limits now are bound :
 The deserts wilde wherin my wits did range,
 Are now made easie walks and pleasant ground :
 Let him that list sooth humors that be vaine,
 Till vanitie all meane exceeds,
 Let passions stil possesse the idle braine,
 And care consume whom folly feeds.
 I rest resolu'd no fancies fits can mee estrange,
 My choice is made, and I desire no more to change.

 2.   Change they their choice, to whose delicious sence,
 The strangest obiects are of most esteeme :
 Inconstant likeing may find excellence,
 In things which (being not good) yet best doe seeme.
 Let gallant blouds still crowne their sports with ioy,
 Whom honor, wealth, and pleasure fils :
 Let sweet contentment neuer find annoy,
 While Fortune frames things to their wills.
 This stirs not mee, I am the same, I was before,
 My choice is made, and I desire to change no more.

 3.   Be my choice blamde, or be I thought vnwise,
 To hold my choice, by others not approued,
 I say, that to my selfe I fall or rise,
 By feare, or force I cannot be remoued.
 Let friends in pittie doubt of my successe,
 Their pittie gets no thanks at all :
 Let foes be glad to see my hopes grow lesse,
 I scorne the worst that wish they shall :
 Still stand I firme, my heart is set, and shall remaine,
 My choice is made, and neuer will I change againe.



Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer