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Francis Pilkington

F I R S T   B O O K E   O F
Songs or Ayres of 4.parts:

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VI. Rest sweet Nimphs let goulden sleepe.

   Rest sweet Nimphs let goulden sleepe, 
   Charme your star brighter eies, 
   Whiles my Lute the watch doth keep 
   With pleasing simpathies, 
   Lulla lullaby, Lulla Lullaby, 
   Sleepe sweetly, sleep sweetly, let nothing affright ye, 
   In calme contentments lie. 

   Dreame faire virgins of delight, 
   And blest Elizian groues: 
   Whiles the wandring shades of night, 
   Resemble your true loues : 
   Lulla lullaby, Lulla lullaby 
   Your kisses your blisses send them by your wishes, 
   Although they be not nigh. 

   Thus deare damzells I do giue 
   Good night and so am gone : 
   With your hartes desires long liue 
   Still ioy, and neuer mone. 
   Lulla lullaby, Lulla lullaby 
   Hath pleasd you and easd you, & sweet slumber sezd you, 
   And now to bed I hie. 



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